Environmental Journalism and Climate Change

General intro

The importance of covering the climate crisis and the impact of human activity on the planet is no longer a matter of debate in most newsrooms. Given the complexity and wide range effects of such issues on all walks of life (environment, public health, food security, economy, migrations, wars and regional conflicts), the real challenge is to be prepared to report accurately and efficiently on them for the years and decades to come.

Learning objectives

This training program is entirely adaptable to your needs. It can cover all the aspects of a thorough work to collect, sort, verify, analyze, and communicate information related to the environment and sustainable development: finding story ideas, preliminary research on the Internet, digital security and privacy issues, working in the field, interviewing techniques, producing and using powerful visuals and writing techniques.

Targeted skills

  • Strengthen the capacity of newsrooms to deal with the complexity of climate change and environmental issues.
  • Implement an effective methodology to cover these issues through in-depth work (on the Internet and in the field).
  • Know how to communicate effectively on environmental issues by accurately reporting on problems and potential solutions for one’s audience.