Advanced Internet Search Techniques

General intro

We use them on a daily basis, but very few understand what search engines really are, how they work and how to make the best use of them. Yet they are the entry point to the information age, essential tools to find, verify and monitor the Internet to fully take advantage of what the knowledge society has to offer.

Learning objectives

To understand how search engines work in order to be more precise and targeted in your daily use of the Internet.

To be able to adapt one’s search strategy by understanding the usefulness and complementarity of the different research tools and by knowing how to choose the right tool for your information needs.

Targeted skills

  • To develop one’s daily habits and techniques to quickly find and verify any type of information on the Internet
  • To know how to ask questions to search engines, i.e. write very targeted search queries, with a precise choice of keywords, the appropriate Boolean operators and field limiters
  • To fight information overload