Investigative Journalism with Satellite Images

General intro

Numerous tools and millions of freely available satellite images now offer unprecedented opportunities to investigate the climate crisis, environmental issues and geostrategic hotspots, even in the most inaccessible places on earth. *Scroll down for the detailed training outline.

Learning objectives

Satellite imagery, mapping and geospatial analysis tools are becoming essential tools in journalism as well as in many other professions (for humanitarian workers, human rights investigators, etc.), especially when mobility and access to certain regions are restricted.
Using multiple case studies and practical exercises, this course focuses on the collection, analysis and validation of satellite data and images, and on how to combine them with traditional information sources to produce richly documented and illustrated investigations.

Targeted skills

  • Understand the many current uses and far-reaching possibilities of satellite images to illustrate and enrich one’s information and communication work
  • Master the basic concepts related to satellite imagery
  • Know how to search, verify, and locate geospatial information and data
  • Know how to produce video clips and animated maps with Google Earth and other free mapping tools